A Day with: Martina Willis

Martina Willis keeps her hands full. A full time momma and entrepreneur with her consignment business Closet Café and lifestyle brand Tusi. She also dabbles into the world of influence with her lifestyle blog where she showcases her love for fashion, food and writing. What makes you feel beautiful?
What makes me feel beautiful is knowing that I am a woman; a bold one at that with both beauty and smarts combined. Knowing I am a force to not be reckoned with. Having the confidence to know myself both inside and out and embracing my flaws as they are is a reinforcement and true testament of the beauty that I hold within me. And this truly makes me feel beautiful.

As a woman , what do you cherish the most?
As a woman, I always lead by the quote- “my body is my temple.” I cherish my temple because it houses my entire being. My purpose on this earth, and even bearing the precious gift of life. I cherish life itself, breathing in fresh air, having a roof over my head, the wonderful people in my life who continue to support me, the continuous lessons that I Iearn through life’s experiences, my family, true friends, my son.
Life, I cherish life.

What influences/inspires you?
My son hands down is my ultimate drive and inspiration. But importantly being around people with a highly driven and creative mindset truly inspires me. It is so important to submerse yourself in these environments that keep you driven and motivated. My influences stem from the world of beauty, fashion, poetry, writing, design, entrepreneurship. I’m inspired by not only icons in these industries but individuals that may start off over looked or underrated but who are really pushing and hustling and doing their thing to promote their brands, business ideas, creativity etc. The hustle radiates! Koza is actually a true embodiment of inspiration.

Define love?
Love for me is such a divine subject. I think we must first learn to ace self-love before we can truly love any other being. But there is no perfect way to love, love comes in so many different shapes and forms and you just have to learn to embrace it. Especially within yourself. It took me a while to overcome the fear of love, and feeling deserving of it. But once I truly learned to love myself, I stopped running from it. I know I am deserving and capable of love.

Define beauty?
Beauty for me comes in all colours, shapes, sizes, faces races, ethnicities, backgrounds etc. Beauty is acceptance. Beauty is multiculturalism. Beauty is everywhere and in everything.

What is your self-love regime?
My self-love regimen is positive self talk and positive reaffirmations of self. “ I am a strong, bold, beautiful woman. Even if I come across struggle, hardships, pain- I got this! I will overcome all obstacles and rise above! I am capable of great things and I will do great things!” Positive self talk is not cheesy, it’s everything!

What are your aspirations?
I aspire to be a woman of influence. To lead by positivity and set a good example for anyone who is taking in and internalizing my visions. I’m led by my entrepreneurial spirit and I hope to grow my brand and business ideas and help other aspiring entrepreneurs like myself gain the confidence to believe in themselves and just take the leap of faith when it comes to their goals without fear and with a positive mindset. Persistence is everything!

What is the most important thing you learned being a mother?
Patience, patience, patience. And also leading by example because those little ears and eyes see and hear everything.

How do you feel wearing PBK?
I feel bold, beautiful, sexy, confident and strong wearing PBK!